Our takes on bourbon to single malts and everything in between.


Botanical forward and balanced, great for cocktails or neat.

Cordials and amaros

From mixers to aperitifs, this is what we have for you.

Experimental spirits

Sometimes it is fun to get a little weird. We aim to make a limited run of spirits from across the world and of our own creation at least once every other month.

About us

Two guys who wanted to make spirits.

Lucky Sign didn’t start with a plan to unseat the giants of the spirits world. It started with a guy who wanted to make spirits since he was bored with home brewing. It being illegal to do so in one’s own home his wife said, “nope, not here.” He then approached a friend who was looking for something new. Just two guys who want to make spirits they like, and believe you will too. 

Our Team

Just two guys. Start to finish. Dream to be more, but remember where we came from.


Operations Manager


Whiskey Lord

Updates about what we are currently working on and upcoming projects.

Coming soon.

Current projects

We are working on an amaro and summer seasonal spirits. More details to come once we are happy with the quality.

  • Phone: 412-436-9413
  • luckysignspirits@gmail.com
  • Address: 215 North Ave, Millvale PA 15209
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